How much does a Hartley greenhouse cost

How much does a Hartley greenhouse cost? 

Imagine being a passionate gardener like me, dreaming of having your own beautiful garden at home. I love taking care of plants and growing my own fruits and vegetables. One day, while exploring a garden show, I stumbled upon something amazing – a Hartley greenhouse.

The greenhouse was made of shiny glass that let in the sunlight, making it a perfect place for plants to thrive. I was so impressed by its beauty and how it could help me create my own garden oasis. But there was one big question on my mind: “How much does a Hartley greenhouse cost?” Could I afford to have one in my own garden, or was it too expensive? If, like me, you’re considering the idea of adding a Hartley greenhouse to your garden, you might be wondering about the price tag

The price of a Hartley greenhouse can differ based on factors such as its size, design, and the materials chosen for building it. For a popular size like 8 x 10 feet, Hartley Greenhouse offers a traditional model, around £5000 during sales. This greenhouse needs a dwarf wall, so budget separately for its materials and construction.

Opting for a similar-sized Victorian greenhouse usually lists at £10,500 but can drop to £8000 during sales. Like the traditional model, you’ll need to consider the dwarf wall cost. These prices exclude extra accessories.

If you want a greenhouse with staging shelving and assembly, the basic model costs about £6000. The Victorian version with similar features is pricier, at approximately £9000. Prices can vary based on factors like sales and location, so keep that in mind.

What Influences the Cost of a Hartley Greenhouse?

What Influences the Cost of a Hartley Greenhouse

The size of your greenhouse is one of the most obvious factors affecting its cost. Hartley offers greenhouses in various sizes, and as you might expect, larger structures generally come with a higher price tag. The reason is simple: bigger greenhouses require more materials for construction, such as framing, glass, and foundation components. So, if space constraints or budget considerations are in play, it’s wise to consider a smaller model to keep costs manageable.

Traditional Models:

Classic Model: This traditional greenhouse is available in various sizes, with the smallest being approximately 8 feet 2 inches by 10 feet 5 inches. It’s designed to sit on a dwarf wall for stability. As you go for larger sizes, the dimensions will vary accordingly. These models offer a timeless look and are often considered budget-friendly entry points into the world of Hartley greenhouses.

Victorian Models: In the Victorian range, you’ll find a similar variety of sizes. For instance, a mid-sized Victorian greenhouse may measure around 10 feet by 15 feet, but these dimensions can vary. Victorian models are renowned for their ornate design and intricate details, which add to their charm. Keep in mind that, like the traditional models, they also require a dwarf wall foundation.

Model SizeWidth (Feet)Length (Feet)Design Style
Classic 8’x10′8’2″10’5″Traditional
Classic 10’x12′10′12′Traditional
Classic 12’x16′12′16′Traditional
Victorian 10’x15′10′15′Victorian
Victorian 12’x18′12′18′Victorian

However, Hartley’s greenhouse range encompasses diverse architectural designs and styles, each with its own unique visual appeal. However, these distinctions in design aren’t just about aesthetics; they also influence the cost. 

Traditional greenhouse models typically feature simpler designs and, consequently, tend to be more budget-friendly. In contrast, Victorian or Edwardian designs, characterized by their intricate details and elegant curves, come with a higher price point due to the craftsmanship required. 

When choosing the style that resonates with your tastes, remember to balance your budgetary constraints with your desire for a visually pleasing greenhouse.

Also, the materials used in constructing your Hartley greenhouse are a critical factor in both its aesthetics and overall cost. Opting for premium materials, such as hardwood frames and toughened safety glass, might lead to a higher initial investment. However, these materials offer several advantages, including long-term durability and an attractive appearance. 

Cheaper materials can help reduce the initial cost, but they may not provide the same level of longevity or visual appeal. Thus, when evaluating material choices, it’s crucial to consider the trade-offs between budget and quality. 

Beyond the greenhouse’s base cost, you must account for the expenses associated with its installation and foundation. Most Hartley greenhouses require a solid foundation, often in the form of a dwarf wall, to provide stability and support.

Cost Ranges for Hartley Greenhouses

Cost Ranges for Hartley Greenhouses

Hartley greenhouses encompass a broad spectrum of designs, sizes, and features, each catering to diverse gardening needs and aesthetic preferences. At the most budget-friendly end of the spectrum are the Classic models. 

These greenhouses, characterized by their simplicity and practicality, often present an attractive starting point for those mindful of cost. Starting prices for Classic models typically fall within a reasonable range, making them an accessible choice for gardeners seeking an affordable yet functional greenhouse solution.

  • Classic 8’x10′ Model: Starting prices for the Classic 8’x10′ model typically begin at around £5,000 to £6,000. This size is a popular choice for gardeners with limited space.
  • Classic 10’x12′ Model: For the larger 10’x12′ Classic greenhouse, starting prices can range from approximately £7,000 to £8,000. This size offers more space for gardening activities.
  • Classic 12’x16′ Model: The 12’x16′ Classic greenhouse, which provides even more room, often starts at around £9,000 to £10,000.

As you progress through the Hartley greenhouse range, you’ll encounter larger sizes and more ornate designs, such as the Victorian models. With their intricate architectural detailing and timeless charm, Victorian greenhouses stand as the epitome of elegance. However, this heightened level of craftsmanship and design complexity comes at a higher cost. Victorian greenhouses generally start at a higher price point compared to their Classic counterparts.

  • Victorian 10’x15′ Model: This mid-sized Victorian greenhouse typically starts at around £10,000 to £15,000. The cost can vary depending on specific design elements, glazing options, and any customization.
  • Victorian 12’x18′ Model: Stepping up in size, the 12’x18′ Victorian greenhouse generally starts at approximately £15,000 to £20,000 or more. This larger size provides ample space for gardening and adds to the overall cost.
  • Victorian 14’x22′ Model: For those seeking an even more expansive greenhouse, the 14’x22′ Victorian model is an option. Starting prices for this size can range from £20,000 to £30,000 or higher. The cost increases with larger dimensions and additional features.
  • Victorian 16’x26′ Model: This is one of the larger Victorian greenhouse options and typically starts at around £30,000 to £40,000 or more. It offers generous space for gardening and can be further customized to suit your needs.
  • Customization and Accessories: The cost of a Victorian Hartley greenhouse can significantly increase based on customization and the inclusion of accessories such as ornate detailing, premium materials, automatic ventilation systems, heating solutions, and more. Customization and accessories can add several thousand pounds to the base price.

Beyond the base price, customization options and the inclusion of accessories play pivotal roles in determining the final cost of your Hartley greenhouse. Tailoring your greenhouse to suit your specific gardening needs and personal style can add to the overall expense. 

Additionally, the integration of features like automatic ventilation systems, shading mechanisms, or heating solutions contributes to the cost but enhances functionality and convenience.


Who owns Hartley Botanic?

Hartley Botanic is a family-owned company. The company has been owned and run by the same family since it was founded in 1938.

What is the smallest Hartley greenhouse?

The smallest Hartley greenhouse is typically the Classic 6’x8′ model. This compact greenhouse provides a great starting point for gardeners with limited space.

Where are Hartley greenhouses made?

Hartley greenhouses are handcrafted in the UK. They are made at the company’s factory in Greenfield, Lancashire, England.

What are Hartley greenhouses made of?

Hartley greenhouses are primarily constructed using premium materials such as aluminum frames and toughened safety glass. These materials are chosen for their durability and longevity.

Why is the Hartley greenhouse also called the Victorian greenhouse?

The Hartley greenhouse is often referred to as the Victorian greenhouse because it draws inspiration from the ornate and intricate architectural styles of the Victorian era. These greenhouses feature elegant detailing reminiscent of that period, capturing the charm of Victorian design.

Are there any seasonal or promotional discounts offered on Hartley greenhouses?

Yes, Hartley Botanic occasionally offers seasonal or promotional discounts on their greenhouses. These discounts may vary depending on the time of year and any ongoing sales events. It’s advisable to check with Hartley Botanic or their authorized dealers for current offers.

Can I find second-hand or used Hartley greenhouses at a lower cost?

Yes, it’s possible to find second-hand or used Hartley greenhouses at a lower cost. These can be an economical option, but it’s essential to assess the condition and ensure that all necessary parts and components are included.

What factors influence the cost of a Hartley greenhouse, such as size, materials, and features?

Several factors influence the cost of a Hartley greenhouse, including size, design complexity, materials used, customization options, and the inclusion of accessories or features. Larger sizes, more intricate designs, premium materials, extensive customization, and additional features can all contribute to a higher overall cost.

Final thoughts

The beauty of a Hartley greenhouse is amazing. It’s like a piece of art in your garden, with its fancy designs and timeless style. To me, this kind of beauty is worth a lot.

But it’s not just about looks; it’s about how long it lasts. A Hartley greenhouse is made to stay strong for a very long time. They use really good materials, so you don’t have to fix it all the time. That means it’s a smart investment over the years.

What’s really cool is that you can make it your own. You get to decide how it looks and works. It’s not just a greenhouse; it’s like your own special garden place.

Lastly, it’s cool to know that having a Hartley greenhouse might make my home worth more if I ever want to sell it. People love having a fancy garden place, so it could be a good deal in the long run.

So, when I think about whether a Hartley greenhouse is worth the cost, my answer is definitely “yes.” It’s not just a thing; it’s a way to make my gardening dreams come true, and that’s something I can’t put a price on.

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