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About Me

I am Dr. Howard Resh’s illustrious career in greenhouse gardening spans decades, marked by pioneering research, impactful publications, and a commitment to advancing hydroponic and greenhouse cultivation methods.

Early Career

My journey into greenhouse gardening began during my graduate studies at the University of British Columbia in 1971. It was here that I delved into the development of plant cultural techniques and nutrient formulations for growing vegetable crops in greenhouses.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

In 1973, while pursuing my doctorate, I co-founded a company aimed at designing and manufacturing backyard greenhouses using hydroponic culture. This entrepreneurial spirit guided me over the next five years as my colleagues and I conducted extensive studies on hydroponic greenhouse practices in various global regions.

Academic Contributions

Upon completing my doctorate in 1975, I assumed the role of Urban Horticulturist at the University of British Columbia. Despite my academic position, I remained actively involved in advancing commercial hydroponics through my company.

As Urban Horticulturist, I not only taught courses in horticulture, hydroponics, plant propagation, and greenhouse design but also engaged in groundbreaking research. My work included the refinement of the nutrient film technique (NFT), addressing critical issues related to oxygen deficit and nutrient absorption.

Global Impact

My influence extended beyond the academic realm. I provided research and production consultation for a commercial hydroponic farm in Venezuela, focusing on crops like lettuce, watercress, and various vegetables. My early adoption of a root zone media composed of coconut hulls became a practice widely embraced by hydroponic growers worldwide.

Innovations and Collaborations

Throughout the late 1980s and into the 1990s, I collaborated with companies in Florida and the northeastern United States, contributing to innovations in lettuce cultivation using floating raft culture systems and greenhouse proposals utilizing waste heat from cogeneration power plants.

Hydroponics Farm Management

In 1999, I took on the role of Hydroponic Greenhouse Farm Manager for the Cuisinart Golf Resort & Spa in Anguilla, B.W.I. Under my guidance, this hydroponics farm became the world’s first owned by a resort, exclusively providing fresh salad crops and herbs for the resort’s culinary needs. The farm, a unique attraction in itself, contributed significantly to the resort’s global recognition as one of the leading hotels worldwide.

Publications and Books

My contributions to the field are not confined to practical applications. With over 50 publications and seven books to my name, including “Hydroponic Food Production,” “Hobby Hydroponics,” and “Hydroponics for the Home Grower,” I became a prolific author and an invaluable resource for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

My greenhouse gardening journey is a testament to my lifelong commitment to advancing the science and practice of hydroponics, leaving an indelible mark on the field and inspiring future generations of greenhouse enthusiasts.

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